Meraha alive photos

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large resolution files and detailed specimen information may be available upon request

Meraha sp.n. Ind57 from E-Kalimantan; photos B.A. Huber

Meraha kipungit from Sabah, Poring (1-10), Sepilok (11-12); photos B.A. Huber

Meraha narathiwat from Thailand (1-6, Hala Bala WS) and Sumatra (7-9, Barisan); photos B.A. Huber

Meraha krabi from Thailand (1-5: Phanombencha NP; 6-10: Khao Sok NP; 11-15: Klong Nakha WS); photos B.A. Huber

Pholcus khene from Laos, Tad Fane, photos Peter Jäger