World's best pholcid spider photos 
Yes, I am the only jury member; and yes, this is a highly subjective list.
Here I will start a gallery of my favorite pholcid spider photos, as long as the authors give me their ok.
The photos are spectacular at this reduced size, but check out the originals at the links below to see their real beauty.

Pholcus phalangioides female, photo courtesy Santiago Siutti; (c) Santiago Siutti,
Pure art: perfect focus, perfect light, perfect composition. Ah, yes, and perfect spider...

Leptopholcus podophthalmus  female with parasitized egg-sac, photo courtesy Nicky Bay; (c) Nicky Bay,
Pure drama: the female spider is protecting her worst enemy, a parasitoid wasp. A few spider eggs remained unparasitized and the spiderlings are eclosing at the same time as the wasps.