Databases on pholcid spiders
Pholcid phylogeny

This is the 2014 attempt to present a complete phylogeny of pholcids, combining all the available information in a tree that is necessarily and deliberately speculative in many places. An update is in preparation.

Photos of alive pholcids

A database of pholcid photos, currently including >6500 photos representing ~900 species from 96 genera
Contributions are highly welcome!

Catalogue of pholcid spiders

Don't mistake this for a mere copy of the World Spider Catalog.

Literature on pholcids

More or less complete list of publications on pholcids.

Collections holding pholcid types

Not quite complete, but I had to add it because it's the legend for the collections symbols in the catalogue.

Matrices for pholcid spider phylogeny

(and some tables on pholcid leg lenghts)

Pholcids at the MNHN, Paris

The MNHN has not only most of Simon's types but a lot of further material; here is a preliminary list I made during two SYTHESYS-funded visits to Paris in 2008 and 2012.

Pholcid types in the AMNH, New York

With 231 primary types, the AMNH holds the second largest collection of pholcid type specimens (following ZFMK in Bonn); here is the complete list.