The Pholcidae of Argentina

(published 2014,
in Biodiversidad de Artrópodos Argentinos, Vol. 3, Sociedad Entomológica Argentina)

Pholcid diversity in Argentina is relatively low. Argentina counts no more than 28 known indigenous species (described and undescribed), most of them restricted to the Neotropical region in the northeast of the country. In comparison, Rio de Janeiro state alone counts 42 species. However, Argentina has some exceptional species, including the highest record worldwide (Chibchea araona at ~3900 m in Jujuy; except for Andrés Taucare-Ríos's unpublished record in Chile) and the most southern record (42.5°S in Chubut).

This paper summarizes our knowledge about Argentinean pholcids, with a key to genera and and an annotated list of species with geo-referenced locality data and distribution maps for all indigenous species.

Photo: Mesabolivar lutues