Node 3: Arteminae

physocyclusProcursus with dorsal apophysis and corresponding ventral pocket
(Huber 2001)

In Physocyclus globosus, the dorsal apophysis of one procursus is locked in the ventral pocket of the other procursus during copulation, resulting in asymmetric insertion of the palps (Huber & Eberhard 1997). Similar structures that suggest a similar function occur not only in other Physocyclus species but also in genera like Artema, Trichocyclus, and Wugigarra.

A group previously placed in Ninetinae (Nita,
Aucana, Chisosa) shares these structures as well as the reduction of epiandrous spigots and an exposed tarsal organ. The position of Nita in Arteminae has been supported by molecular data (Dimitrov et al. 2013).