Node 4a: NN (Modisiminae except Priscula)

carapoia Reduced ALS piriform gland spigots
(Huber 2000, 2001)

All pholcids have at least two spigots on each ALS: one very wide spigot, and one slightly pointed spigot. In the plesiomorphic state, however, 5-6 additonal, smaller cylindrically-shaped spigots are present. These have been apparently reduced several times independently: (1) in Modisiminae except Priscula; (2) in Smeringopinae except Smeringopus + Smeringopina; (3) in Buitinga and close relatives; and (4) in Leptopholcus + Micromerys.
modisimusMale palpal coxa with retrolateral apophysis
(Huber 2000)

The apophysis on the palpal coxa serves to lock the rotated palp at the beginning of (and during?) copulation.
? Molecular data
(28S, total evidence:
Bruvo-Madaric et al. 2005; 16S+CO1, 28S: Astrin et al. 2007; Dimitrov e al. 2013)

Molecular data strongly support Modisiminae, but the position of Priscula has not been resolved by molecular data.

The plesiomorphic condition are 5-6 small piriform gland spigots: