Node 4f: NN (Coryssocnemis and potential close relatives)

Male femur with ventral bulge or apophysis directed towards proximal
(Huber 2000)

? Molecular data
12S, 28S, total evidence: Bruvo-Madaric et al. 2005; 16S+CO1, 28S: Astrin et al. 2007)

The study by
Bruvo-Madaric et al. (2005) suggested a close relationship between Systenita, Mecolaestus and Stenosfemuraia (28S), Coryssocnemis and Systenita but not Mecolaesthus (12S), and all four sequenced genera (total evidence). The study by Astrin et al. (2007) supported these results with a smaller sample (Mecolaesthus, Stenosfemuraia, Coryssocnemis: 16S+CO1; Mecolaesthus, Stenosfemuraia: 28S).