Node 6b: NN (Pholcinae except Zatavua and Nyikoa)

quamtana Male palpal trochanter with retrolateral apophysis
(Huber 1995, 2003a, 2007)

In Pholcus and Spermophora, the rotation of the palps prior to insertion is stopped by interaction of the trochanter apophyses with the weakly sclerotized projections proximally on the male chelicerae. In Zatavua and Nyikoa, there are cheliceral apophyses but no trochanter apophyses, suggesting that proximal cheliecral apophyses evolved in a different context.
? Molecular data
Dimitrov et al. 2013)

Dimitrov et al. (2013) found weak suport for this clade, but it did not include Anansus which was instead closer to Nyikoa and Zatavua.

Plesiomorphic is a trochanter without modification