Node 6f: NN (Quamtana and Pholcus plus close relatives)

leptopholcus Genital bulb with strong proximal apophysis
(Huber 2003c)
? Molecular data
(28S, total evidence:
Bruvo-Madaric et al. 2005; Dimitrov et al. 2013)

A closer relationship of Pholcus + Micropholcus to Quamtana than to Metagonia was suggested with fairly high support by 28S data and by the combined analysis (12S, CO1, 28S, morphology - 16S could not be sequenced from Quamtana). The ent study by Astrin et al. (2007) could not replicate this result for 28S, and failed to obtain 16S and CO1 sequences for Quamtana. The most recent study by Dimitrov et al. (2013) supported the present clade though not strongly.

In the plesiomorphic condition, the bulb attaches to the cymbium without any special apophysis.