Small to medium-sized spiders with numerous macrosetae; build conspicuous funnel webs. Posterior spinnerets often considerably longer than other spinnerets.

1.a. Posterior eye row strongly recurve, posterior median eyes larger than anterior lateral eye, posterior spinnerets conpicuously long ... Textrix
Textrix denticulata - anterior eyes (c) SchwarzerTextrix denticulata - habitus (c) SchwarzerTextrix denticulata - frontal (c) Schwarzer
Textrix denticulata - male pedipalpTextrix denticulata - male palp (c) HinzTextrix denticulata - spinnerets (c) Schwarzer
Photos: Textrix denticulata

1.b. Different ... 2

2.a. Posterior eye row strongly procurve, anterior eye row slightly procurv, posterior spinnerets long: Agelena
Agelena labyrinthica - eyes (c) SchwarzerAgelena labyrinthica - spinnerets (c) Schwarzer

2.b. Different ... 3

3.a. Male palp with patellar apophysis. Male bulb with very long embolus (arrow). Epigynum as in photo ... Histopona
Histopona torpida - habitus (c) SchwarzerHistopona torpida - male pedipalp (c) Schwarzer
Histopona torpida - male pedipalp (c) SchwarzerHistopona torpida - epigynum (c) HinzHistopona torpida - spinnerets (c) Schwarzer
Histopona torpida - tibia hairs (c) ZFMK Spider Course 2005Histopona torpida - tarsus trichobothria (c) ZFMK 2005 Spider Course
Photos: Histopona torpida

3.b. Male pedipalp without patellar apophysis. Epigynum different ... Tegenaria


1.a. Body lenght 8-14 mm. Pedipalp with simple pointed tibia apophysis. Epigynum with medium septum: A. labyrinthica

Agelena labyrinthica - habitus (c) SchwarzerAgelena labyrinthica - male palp (c) HinzAgelena labyrinthica - female abdomen (c) SchwarzerAgelena labyrinthica - chelicerae (c) Schwarzer
Agelena labyrinthica - eyes (c) SchwarzerAgelena labyrinthica - spinnerets (c) SchwarzerAgelena labyrinthica - epigynum (c) Schwarzer
Photos: Agelena labyrinthica

1.b. Body lenght 5-10 mm. Pedipalp with bipartite distal rounded tibia apophysis: A. gracilens

Agelena gracilens - habitus (c) SchwarzerAgelena gracilens - male palp (c) HartmannAgelena gracilens - spinnerets (c) Schwarzer
Photos: Agelena gracilens


Tegenaria agrestis - habitus dorsal (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria agrestis - sternum (c) Mey+Richter
Tegenaria agrestis - palp (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria agrestis - epigynum (c) Mey+Richter
Photos: Tegenaria agrestis

Tegenaria atrica - habitus (c) SchwarzerTegenaria atrica - head region (c) SchwarzerTegenaria atrica - eyes (c) Schwarzer
Tegenaria atrica - spinnerets (c) SchwarzerTegenaria atrica - chelicerae (c) SchwarzerTegenaria atrica - epigynum (c) SchwarzerTegenaria atrica - cleared epigynum (c) Lewrenz
Photos: Tegenaria atrica

Tegenaria campestris - dorsal (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria campestris - ventral (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria campestris - eyes frontal view (c) Mey+Richter
Tegenaria campestris - sternum (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria campestris - chelicerae (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria campestris - male palp (c) Mey, RichterTegenaria campestris - tibia apophysis (c) Mey+Richter
Tegenaria campestris - tarsus claws (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria campestris - tibia spines (c) Mey+Richter
Photos: Tegenaria campestris

Tegenaria ferruginea - habitus (c) SchwarzerTegenaria ferruginea - abdomen (c) Schwarzer
Tegenaria ferruginea - eyes (c) SchwarzerTegenaria ferruginea - epigynum (c) Schwarzer
Tegenaria ferruginea - palp (c) SchwarzerTegenaria ferruginea - male pedipalp (c) Schwarzer
Photos: Tegenaria ferruginea

Tegenaria picta - male habitus (c) Mey + RichterTegenaria picta - prosoma (c) Mey + Richter
Tegenaria picta - genital bulb (c) Mey + RichterTegenaria picta - palpal tibia apophysis (c) Mey + Richter
Photos: Tegenaria picta

Tegenaria saeva - male palp (c) Richter, MeyTegenaria saeva- male pedipalp (c) Schwarzer
Photos: Tegenaria saeva

Tegenaria silvestris - male dorsal (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria silvestris - sternum (c) Mey+Richter
Tegenaria silvestris - male palp (c) Mey+RichterTegenaria silvestris - cleared epigynum (c) SchütteTegenaria silvestris - cleared epigynum (c) Lewrenz
Photos: Tegenaria silvestris