Medium-sized spiders, mostly under stones and bark, webs with tubular retreats.

1.a. Patellar apophysis present. When patellar apophysis is lacking, tibial apophysis simple. Median part of the epigynum undivided, about square-shaped or longer than wide. Cribellum lacking ... Coelotes
Coelotes terrestris - palp (c) GebertCoelotes terrestris - epigynum (c) KnieriemCoelotes terrestris - chelicerae (c) Knieriem
Coelotes terrestris - habitus (c) KnieriemCoelotes terrestris, opisthosoma (c) KnieriemCoelotes terrestris - spinnerets (c) Gebert
Coelotes terrestris - cleared epigynum (c) Linke/BorggrefeCoelotes terrestris - cleared epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Coelotes terrestris

1.b. Patellar apophysis lacking, tibial apophysis with one very long or several short processes. Epigynum bipartite or wider than long. Cribellum present ...  2

2.a. Tibial apophysis of the male palp with a sharp, straight process. Epigynum divided by a longitudinal slit ... Callobius
Callobius claustrarius - female habitus (c) TheineCallobius claustrarius - epigynum (c) TheineCallobius claustrarius - spinnerets (c) Theine
Callobius claustrarius - calamistrum (c) Theine
Photos: Callobius claustrarius

2.b. Process of the tibial apophysis bent or clearly shorter. Epigynum not clearly bipartite ... Amaurobius
Amaurobius ferox - habitus (c) GebertAmaurobius ferox - epigynum (c) Gebert
Amaurobius ferox - spinnerets (c) GebertAmaurobius ferox - palp (c) Gebert
Photos: Amaurobius ferox

Amaurobius similis - habitus (c) GebertAmaurobius similis - epigynum (c) GebertAmaurobius similis - palp (c) Gebert
Photos: Amaurobius similis

Amaurobius fenestralis - habitus (c) TheineAmaurobius fenestralis - chelicerae (c) TheineAmaurobius fenestralis - male palp (c) Theine
Amaurobius fenestralis - epigynum (c) TheineAmaurobius fenestralis - cleared epigynum (c) Mey+RichterAmaurobius fenestralis - male spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Amaurobius fenestralis - male ALS (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Amaurobius fenestralis - reduced male calamistrum (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Amaurobius fenestralis - spine on leg (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Amaurobius fenestralis - lyriform organ (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Photos: Amaurobius fenestralis