Small to very large spiders. Opisthosoma mostly conspicuously coloured with characteristic pattern. All species build orb-webs. Males are usually smaller and have longer legs than females. 17 genera in Central Europe.

Araneus diadematus - habitus (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - abdomen humps (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - toothrow (c) Arndts, Struebing
Araneus diadematus - striped legs (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - eyes and clypeus (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - clypeus (c) Struebing, Arndts
Araneus diadematus - palp (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - palp (c) Arndts, StruebingAraneus diadematus - epigynum (c) Arndts, Struebing
Photos: Araneus diadematus

Araneus marmoreus - abdomen morph 1 (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus marmoreus - abdomen morph 2 (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus marmoreus - epigynum (c) He▀ler/Naber
Araneus marmoreus - chelicerae (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus marmoreus - prosoma (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus marmoreus - sternum (c) He▀ler/Naber
Araneus marmoreus - leg (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Araneus marmoreus

Araneus quadratus - female (c) B. HuberAraneus quadratus - male (c) Hessler/NaberAraneus quadratus - ventral (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Araneus quadratus - prosoma (c) Hessler/NaberAraneus quadratus - cheilcerae (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus quadratus - sternum (c) He▀ler/Naber
Araneus quadratus - epigynum lateral (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus quadratus - epigynum (c) He▀ler/NaberAraneus quadratus - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Araneus quadratus

Larinioides cornutus - female/male (c) He▀ler/NaberLarinioides cornutus - abdomen (c) He▀ler/NaberLarinioides cornutus - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Larinioides cornutus

Larinioides ixobulus - abdomen (c) He▀ler/NaberLarinioides ixobulus - prosoma (c) He▀ler/NaberLarinioides ixobulus - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Larinioides ixobolus

Larinioides sclopetarius - habitus (c) Struebing, ArndtsLarinioides sclopetarius - eyes (c) Struebing, ArndtsLarinioides sclopetarius - opisthosoma (c) Struebing, Arndts
Larinioides sclopetarius - hairs on prosoma (c) Struebing, ArndtsLarinioides sclopetarius - toothrow (c) Struebing, ArndtsLariniodes sclopetarius - cleared epigynum (c) Schumacher
Larinioides sclopetarius, claws (c) ZFMK spider course 2004Larinioides sclopetarius, claws (c) ZFMK spider course 2004Larinioides sclopetarius, metetarsus distal (c) ZFMK spider course 2004
Larinioides sclopetarius - receptacles and booklungs (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Larinioides sclopetarius - receptacles (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Photos: Larinioides sclopetarius

Neoscona adianta - habitus (c) Struebing, ArndtsNeoscona adianta - ventral view (c) Struebing, ArndtsNeoscona adianta - sternum (c) Struebing, Arndts
Neoscona adianta - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Neoscona adianta

Argiope bruennichi - female (c) B. HuberArgiope bruennichi - habitus (c) FunkeArgiope bruennichi - hump (c) Funke
Argiope bruennichi - spinnerets (c) FunkeArgiope bruennichi - 1: stigma and booklung cover; 2: epigynum (c) FunkeArgiope bruennichi - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Argiope bruennichi

Mongora acalypha - female (c) NettekovenMangora acalypha - tibia 3 (c) Nettekoven
Photos: Mangora acalypha

Nuctenea umbratica - female habitus (c) MehrenNuctenea umbratica - epigynum (c) MehrenNuctenea umbratica - male palp (c) Mehren
Photos: Nuctenea umbratica

Araniella cucurbitina - female/male (c) He▀ler/NaberAraniella cucurbitina - opisthosoma (c) He▀ler/NaberAraniella cucurbitina - male femora 1,2 (c) He▀ler/Naber
Araniella cucurbitina - male palp (c) He▀ler/NaberAraniella cucurbitina - epigynum (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Araniella cucurbitina

Araniella opisthographa - habitus (c) HartmannAraniella opisthographa - opisthosoma (c) HartmannAraniella opisthographa - male palp (c) Hartmann
Araniella opisthographa - male ALS (c) ZFMK spider course 2004
Photos: Araniella opisthographa

Zilla diodia - opisthosoma (c) He▀ler/NaberZilla diodia - prosoma (c) He▀ler/NaberZilla diodia - sternum (c) He▀ler/Naber
Zilla diodia - male palp (c) He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Zilla diodia

Zygiella x-notata - habitus female (c) AretzZygiella x-notata - habitus male (c) Aretz
Zygiella x-notata - leg (c) AretzZygiella x-notata - male palp (c) AretzZygiella x-notata - epigynum (c)He▀ler/Naber
Photos: Zygiella x-notata