Small to large spiders of stout body shape. Most species with velvet-like hairs, sometimes coloured. Do not build snares. 14 genera in Central Europe.

Gnaphosa sp. - habitus (c) Baum, BlondiauGnaphosa sp. - eyes (c) Baum, Blondiau
Gnaphosa sp. - female abdomen (c) Baum, BlondiauGnaphosa sp. - epigynum (c) Baum, Blondiau
Photos: Gnaphosa sp.

Drassodes lapidosus - habitus (c) HinzDrassodes lapidosus - spinnerets (c) Hinz
Drassodes lapidosus - eyes (c) HinzDrassodes lapidosus - epigynum (c) Schumacher
Drassodes lapidosus - male palp (c) SchumacherDrassodes lapidosus - male palp (c) Schumacher
Photos: Drassodes lapidosus

Drassyllus pusillus - dorsal (c) SchumacherDrassyllus pusillus - abdomen (c) Schumacher
Drassyllus pusillus - male palp (c) SchumacherDrassyllus pusillus - male palp (c) Schumacher
Photos: Drassyllus pusillus

Haplodrassus silvestris - habitus (c) HinzHaplodrassus silvestris - epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Haplodrassus silvestris - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeHaplodrassus silvestris - male palp d (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Haplodrassus silvestris

Zelotes subterraneus - male (c) LewrenzZelotes subterraneus - male palp (c) Lewrenz
Zelotes subterraneus - female (c) SchütteZelotes subterraneus - male palp (c) Lewrenz
Zelotes subterraneus - cleared epigynum (c) Mey+RichterZelotes subterraneus - male palp (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zelotes subterraneus - bulb detail (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Zelotes subterraneus - male spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zelotes subterraneus - male ALS (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zelotes subterraneus - male PLS (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Photos: Zelotes subterraneus

Zelotes villicus - habitus (c) SchuetteZelotes villicus - male palp (c) LewrenzZelotes villicus - male palp (c) Schuette
Photos: Zelotes villicus