Small spiders in irregular webs close to the ground. Most species are characterised by the position of their spinnerets in one row.
4 genera in Central Europe.

1.a. Spinnerets in one row ... 3
Antistea elegans, spinnerets (c) MuellerHahnia montana - female spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2004

1.b. Spinnerets different ... 2

2.a. Embolus long, bent backwards, reaching until tibia; female internal genitalia with long copulatory ducts ... Tuberta

2.b. Embolus and female genitalia different ... Cryphoeca
Cryphoeca lichenum - male habitus (c) DickeCryphoeca lichenum - genital bulb (c) Dicke
Photos: Cryphoeca lichenum

3.a. AME lager than PME (or equal size); PME normally developed; clypeus about as high as AME diameter; abdomen with stridulatory organ in front of epigastric furrow; tracheal opening in middle between epigastric furrow and spinnerets; male palpal femur with strong apophysis ... Antistea

Antistea elegans - habitus (c) Arndts, StruebingAntistea elegans - eyes frontal view (c) Arndts, StruebingAntistea elegans, spinnerets (c) Mueller
Antistea elegans - epigynum (c) MuellerAntistea elegans - palp (c) Struebing, ArndtsAntistea elegans - opisthosoma (c) Struebing, Arndts
Photos: Antistea elegans

3.b. AME or PME reduced in size and pigmentation, or clypeus higher than 2 diameters of AME; abdomen without stridulatory organ; tracheal stigma close to spinnerets; male palpal femur without strong apophysis ... Hahnia

Hahnia montana - male palp (c) ZFMK Spider Course 2005Hahnia montana - male palp showing haematodocha (c) ZFMK 2005 Spider CourseHahnia montana - epigynum (c) ZFMK spider course 2004
Hahnia montana - female spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2004Hahnia montana - female spinneret (c) ZFMK spider course 2004Hahnia montana - female spigots (c) ZFMK spider course 2004
Hahnia montana - cleared epigynum (c) Mey+Richter
Photos: Hahnia montana

Hahnia pusilla - male (c) LinkeHahnia pusilla - eyes dorsal view (c) Linke
Hahnia pusilla - male palp (c) LinkeHahnia pusilla - male palp (c) Linke
Photos: Hahnia pusilla