Liocranidae (incl. Corinnidae)
Two genera previously assigned to Liocranidae are currently placed in Corinnidae: Cetonana and Phrurolithus
Small to medium-sized spiders with relatively long and powerful legs. Many species velvet-like covered with hairs. Probably they do not build snares.

Agroeca brunnea - habitus (c) GebertAgroeca brunnea - labium and endites (c) GebertAgroeca brunnea - prosoma (c) Gebert
Agrocea brunnea - epigynum (c) GebertAgrocea brunnea - male palp (c) Gebert
Photos: Agroeca brunnea

Apostenus fuscus - habitus (c) GebertApostenus fuscus - opisthosoma (c) Gebert
Apostenus fuscus - epigynum (c) GebertApostenus fuscus - male palp (c) Gebert
Photos: Apostenus fuscus

Cetonana laticeps - male (c) Linke/BorggrefeCetonana laticeps - prosoma (c) Linke/BorggrefeCetonana laticeps - male sternum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Cetonana laticeps - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeCetonana laticeps - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeCetonana laticeps - male palp (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Cetonana laticeps

Phrurolithus festivus - habitus (c) GebertPhrurolithus festivus - epigynum (c) GebertPhrurolithus festivus - male palp (c) GebertPhrurolithus festivus - leg (c) Gebert
Photos: Phrurolithus festivus