Medium-sized, white, brown or black spiders with distinct pattern, covered densely with hairs. Very fast runners that do not build snares. Many species extremely flattened or long-stretched and with cryptic coloration.

1.a. Opisthosoma 2-3 x as long as prosoma, prosoma longer than wide. Posterior eye row strongly recurved, posterior median eyes closer to each other than to the posterior lateral eyes ... Tibellus

Tibellus maritimus - habitus (c) ConsulTibellus maritimus - eyes (c) ConsulTibellus maritimus - chelicerae (c) Consul
Tibellus maritimus - spinnerets (c) ConsulTibellus maritimus - epigynum (c) ConsulTibellus maritimus - scopula (c) Consul
Photos: Tibellus maritimus

Tibellus oblongus - habitus (c) LangeTibellus oblongus - male palp (c) Lange
Photos: Tibellus oblongus

1.b. Opisthosoma not so strongly elongated, prosoma about as long as wide ... 2

2.a. Posterior median eyes closer to  lateral eyes than to each other ... Philodromus
Philodromus cespitum - habitus (c) LangePhilodromus cespitum - eyes (c) Lange
Philodromus cespitum - male palp (c) Lange
Photos: Philodromus cespitum

2.b. Posterior median eyes a bit closer to each other than to the lateral eyes. Distance of anterior median eyes to each other smaller than distance between anterior and posterior median eyes. Opisthosoma with distinct cardiac mark ... Thanatus
Thanatus stiatus - habitus (c) RateringThanatus striatus - epigynum (c) RateringThanatus striatus - male palp (c) Ratering
Photos: Thanatus striatus