Very small to medium-sized spiders with extremely long and thin legs. Live mainly in irregular space webs or sheets, rarely without web. Can subdue large and powerful prey. Five species in four genera in Central Europe.

1.a. Six eyes in two triads; abdomen globular ... Spermophora senoculata

1.b. Eight eyes ... 2

2.a. Abdomen globular, body length < 3 mm ... Psilochorus simoni
Psilochorus simoni - male (c) RateringPsilochorus simoni - female (c) RateringPsilochorus simoni - spinnerets (c) Ratering
Psilochorus simoni - eyes (c) RateringPsilochorus simoni - epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Psilochorus simoni - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefePsilochorus simoni - male palp (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Psilochorus simoni

2.b. Abdomen more than twice as long as high, body length > 4 mm ... 3

3.a. Abdomen monochromous, carapace without median indentation, female palp not thickened ... Pholcus
Pholcus phalangioides - habitus (c) ZiewerPholcus phalangioides - eyes (c) Ziewer
Pholcus phalangioides - prosoma (c) ZiewerPholcus phalangioides - chelicerae (c) ZiewerPholcus phalangioides - epigynum (c) Ziewer
Pholcus phalangioides - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefePholcus phalangioides - male palp (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Pholcus phalangioides

Pholcus opilionoides - abdomen (c) LangePholcus opilionoides - prosoma (c) Lange
Pholcus opilionoides - male chelicerae (c) LangePholcus opilionoides - male palp (c) LangePholcus opilionoides - epigynum (c) Lange
Photos: Pholcus opilionoides

3.b. Abdomen with distinct pattern, carapace with median indentation, female palp  thickened ... Holocnemus pluchei
Holocnemus pluchei - female (c) RateringHolocnemus pluchei - eyes frontal view (c) Ratering
Holocnemus pluchei - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeHolocnemus pluchei - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeHolocnemus pluchei - epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Holocnemus pluchei