1.a. Coloration red-brown, sometimes with small, white dots, prosoma with 2 wide, yellowish-white longitudinal stripes. Abdomen wide, its tip rounded, dorsally dark with distinct cardiac mark, laterally brighter (pattern variable). Posterior margin of chelicerae with 4 teeth ... Dolomedes
Dolomedes fimbriatus - habitus (c) ConsulDolomedes fimbriatus - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeDolomedes fimbriatus - male palp (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Dolomedes fimbriatus

1.b. Coloration very variable. Prosoma with bright, distinct median longitudinal stripe. Abdomen long and slender, regularly narrowing to the tip, dorsally with a wide jagged stripe with dark margins. Posterior margin of chelicerae with 2-3 teeth, eyes as in photo ... Pisaura mirabilis
Pisaura mirabilis - habitus (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis - prosoma dorsal (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis frontal (c) Consul
Pisaura mirabilis - chelicerae (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis - spinnerets (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis - eyes (c) Consul
Pisaura mirabilis palp (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis - palp (c) ConsulPisaura mirabilis - epigynum (c) Consul
Photos: Pisaura mirabilis