Small to medium-sized, free hunting spiders. Anterior eyes enlarged, especially the anterior median eyes. Prey catching by slow approach and sudden jump. Silk only used for retreat, dragline and cocoon. Often conspicuous colourful pattern, bleaching out in alcohol. About 23 genera in Central Europe.

Marpissa muscosa - habitus (c) Arndts, Blondiau, StruebingMarpissa muscosa - prosoma (c) Blondiau, BaumMarpissa muscosa - male palp (c) Blondiau, Baum
Marpissa muscosa - epigynum (c) Blondiau, BaumMarpissa muscosa - AME (c) Arndts, Blondiau, StruebingMarpissa muscosa - male palp (c) Lewrenz
Photos: Marpissa muscosa

Synageles venator - habitus (c) Linke/BorggrefeSynageles venator - habitus (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Synageles venator - habitus (c) Linke/BorggrefeSynageles venator - eyes (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Synageles venator - male palp (c) Linke/BorggrefeSynageles venator - epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Syageles venator

Heliophanus flavipes - male (c) KnieriemHeliophanus flavipes - male palp (c) KnieriemHeliophanus flavipes - cleared epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Heliophanus flavipes

Myrmarachne formicaria - female (c) TheineMyrmarachne formicaria - male (c) Theine
Myrmarachne formicaria - eyes (c) TheineMyrmarachne formicaria - chelicerae (c) TheineMyrmarachne formicaria - cleared epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Myrmarachne formicaria

Evarcha falcata - male (c) Schumacher/KuhlenEvarcha falcata - male palp (c) Schumacher/KuhlenEvarcha falcata - epigynum (c) Schumacher/Kuhlen
Photos: Evarcha falcata

Evarcha arcuata - male palp (c) Schumacher/KuhlenEvarcha arcuata - epigynum (c) Schumacher/Kuhlen
Evarcha arcuata - male portrait (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Evarcha arcuata - male dorsal (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Evarcha arcuata - male spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Evarcha arcuata - male ALS (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Evarcha arcuata - scopula (c) ZFMK spider course 2004Evarcha arcuata - tarsus tip (c) ZFMK spider course 2004
Photos: Evarcha arcuata