Medium-sized spiders, six eyes, with short and dense hairs. Leg position characteristic: Legs I III in front, leg IV backwards. Live in silken tubes, open at both ends. The epigyne is externally not chitinised but the determination of females is possible according to coloration and pattern on abdomen. Only one genus in Central Europe: Segestria

Segestria bavarica - habitus (c) FunkeSegestria bavarica - female abdomen (c) Lewrenz
Segestria bavarica - eyes (c) FunkeSegestria bavarica - mouth area (c) Funke
Segestria bavarica - claws (c) FunkeSegestria bavarica - spinnerets (c) FunkeSegestria bavarica - 'epigynum' (c) Funke
Segestria bavarica - genital bulb (c) LewrenzSegestria bavarica - tip genital bulb (c) Schuette
Photos: Segestria bavarica

Segestria senoculata - habitus (c) KnieriemSegestria senoculata - opisthosoma (c) LewrenzSegestria senoculata - head area (c) Knieriem
Segestria senoculata - genital bulb (c) KnieriemSegestria senoculata - genital bulb (c) Schuette
Photos: Segestria senoculata