5 genera in Central Europe: Tetragnatha, Pachygnatha, Meta, Metellina, Zygiella
Spiders of this family build orb-webs with an open hub. Only Pachygnatha adults live as vagrant spiders. The webs of Zygiella have a closed hub and a free sector by which a signal thread connects the web with the retreat of the spider.

Tetragnatha montana - habitus (c) FunkeTetragnatha montana - palpal endites (c) FunkeTetragnatha montana - frontal view (c) Funke
Photos: Tetragnatha montana

Tetragnatha extensa-habitus (c) LangeTetragnatha extensa-cheliceres (c) Lange
Tetragnatha extensa-abdomen (c) LangeTetragnatha extensa-palpus (c) Lange
Photos: Tetragnatha extensa

Metellina merianae - frontal view (c) FunkeMetellina merianae - habitus (c) FunkeMetellina merianae - mouth area, arrow: endite (c) FunkeMetellina merianae, leg (c) mehren
Metellina merianae - epigynum (c) FunkeMetellina merianae, palp (c) MehrenMetellina merianae - eyes (c) Funke
Metellina merianae, sternum (c) mehrenMetellina merianae - cleared epigynum (c) Roesel/Vollmer
Photos: Metellina merianae

Metellina mengei - female (c) LewrenzMetellina mengei - male (c) Lewrenz
Metellina mengei - epigynum (c) LewrenzMetellina mengei - male palp (c) LewrenzMetellina mengei - male palp (c) Lewrenz
Photos: Metellina mengei

Metellina segmentata - cleared epigynum (c) Roesel/Vollmer
Photo: Metellina segmentata

Pachygnatha clercki - male (c) LewrenzPachygnatha clercki - female (c) LewrenzPachygnatha clercki - chelicerae (c) Mehren
Pachygnatha clercki - leg (c) Mehren
Pachygnatha clercki - male palp, paracymbium (c) LewrenzPachygnatha clercki - 'epigynum' (c) Lewrenz
Photos: Pachygnatha clercki

Pachygnatha degeeri - female and male (c) NaberPachygnatha degeeri - prosoma (c) NaberPachygnatha degeeri - sternum (c) Naber
Pachygnatha degeeri - abdomen (c) NaberPachygnatha degeeri - chelicerae (c) Naber
Pachygnatha degeeri - leg (c) NaberPachygnatha degeeri - male palp (c) Naber
Photos: Pachygnatha degeeri

Pachygnatha listeri - male (c) NaberPachygnatha listeri - prosoma (c) NaberPachygnatha listeri - sternum (c) Naber
Pachygnatha listeri - chelicerae (c) NaberPachygnatha listeri - abdomen (c) Naber
Pachygnatha listeri - male palp (c) NaberPachygnatha listeri - 'epigynum' (c) Naber
Photos: Pachygnatha listeri