Thermophilous species, live next to ants, hunting them. Build funnels in the ground coated with little stones and twigs, etc. In Central Europe one genus: Zodarion, with three species

Zodarion sp., male (c) NettekovenZodarion sp. - eyes dorsal view (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zodarion sp. - syes frontal view (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Zodarion sp. - spinnerets (c) HauslageZodarion sp. - male spinnerets (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zodarion sp. - epigynum (c) Kuhlen
Zodarion sp. - genital bulb (c) KuhlenZodarion sp. - genital bulb (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Zodario sp. - cleared epigynum (c) Linke/Borggrefe
Photos: Zodarion sp.