Small to medium-sized spiders with cylindrical body shape and relatively stout legs. Most species are nocturnal hunters.

1.a. Anterior sternum border not straight, tarsi I and II distally without hair tufts ... 2
Harpactea rubicunda - sternum (c) HartmannHarpactea rubicunda - tarsus (c) Hartmann

1.b. Anterior sternum border straight, tarsi I - IV distally with hair tufts ... 3
Dasumia canestrinii - tarsus (c) HartmannDysdera crocata - hairs on tarsus (c) ZFMK Spider Course 2005

2.a. Bulb spherical or irregularly cylindrical, distal process not longer than bulb ... Harpactea
Harpactea rubicunda - male palp (c) Hartmann

2.b. Bulbal process longer than bulb, angular at base ... Dasumia
Dasumia canestrinii bulbus (c) Hartmann

3.a. Chelicerae projecting and diverging anteriorly, large, 3-4 cheliceral teeth in one row, gnathocoxae anteriorly pointed, fovea small, punctiform. Prosoma posteriorly round, habitus as in photo ... Dysdera
Dysdera crocata - habitus (c) ConsulDysdera crocata - prosoma dorsal (c) ConsulDysdera crocata - eyes (c) Consul
Dysdera crocata - chelicerae (c) ConsulDysdera crocata - spinnerets (c) ConsulDysdera crocata - epigynum and stigmata (c) Consul
Dysdera crocata - male palp (c) ConsulDysdera crocata - hairs on tarsus (c) ZFMK Spider Course 2005
Photos: Dysdera crocata

Dysdera erythrina - male (c) ZFMK spider course 2005Dysdera erythrina - chelicerae (c) ZFMK Spider Course 2005
Photos: Dysdera erythrina

3.b. Chelicerae not projecting, 4 cheliceral teeth in two rows, gnathocoxae laterally rounded. Fovea short, line-shaped. Prosoma hexagonal ... Harpactocrates

1.a. Coxa IV and III without spines ... 2

1.b. Coxa IV and patella III with at least 1 spine ... 3
Harpactea rubicunda - coxa (c) Hartmann

2.a. Body lenght 4-6, femora I and II with 1-2 spines, gnathocoxa and sternum as in photo, prosoma orange-red, abdomen white, male palp as in photo ... H. hombergi
Harpactea hombergi - habitus (c) HartmannHarpactea hombergi - prosoma (c) Hartmann
Harpactea hombergi - male palp (c) HartmannHarpactea hombergi - abdomen (c) Hartmann
Harpactea hombergi - female cleared genitalia (c) ZFMK spider course 2005
Photos: Harpactea hombergi

2.b. Femur I and II with 2-6 spines, body length 5-7 mm ... H. lepida

3.a. Body length 8-12 mm, femora I and II with 3-6 spines, coxa IV with 1-8 spines, prosoma red-brown, male palp as in photo ... H. rubicunda
Harpactea rubicunda - habitus (c) HartmannHarpactea rubicunda - coxa (c) HartmannHarpactea rubicunda - male palp (c) Hartmann
Harpactea rubicunda - cleared female genitalia (c) Rösel & VollmerHarpactea rubicunda - cleared female genitalia (c) Rösel & Vollmer
Photos: Harpactea rubicunda

3.b. Body length 6-8 mmm, femur I with 2-3 spines, femur 2 with 3-4 spines, coxa IV with 1-2 spines ... H. saeva

1.a. Tarsus III and IV without hair tufts, body lenght 8-10 mm, femur I and II with 1-4 spines ... D. carpatica

1.b. Tarsus III and IV with hair tufts ... 2
Dasumia canestrinii - tarsus (c) Hartmann

2.a. Lenght : width of male bulbal projection 7 :1, body lenght 5-7 mm, prosoma yellow-red ... D. canestrinii
Dasumia canestrinii - male palp (c) HartmannDasumia canestrinii - habitus (c) Hartmann
Dasumia canestrinii - tarsus (c) HartmannDasumia canestrinii - prosoma (c) Hartmann
Photos: Dasumia canestrinii

2.b. Lenght : wigth of male bulbal projection 3,5 :1 ... D. taeniifera